Vic and Nat'ly's Gastronomic Glossary

Given that many visitors to New Orleans are somewhat baffled by the indigenous pronunciations of food items, Vic and Nat'ly have concocted the following gastronomic glossary.

Alligator Pears-avocados.

Berlin'-boiling, not the city in Germany.

Crab Berl-spices used for boiling crabs.

Creole Tomatoes-The world's finest tomatoes, grown in the immediate vicinity of New Orleans.

Dressed-A po-boy sandwich is "dressed" with lettuce and tomatoes.

Erstas-oysters, sometimes equipped with "poils."

Gumbo-The ultimate Louisiana soup, concocted with seafood, okra and filé powder, the ground roots of sassafras.

Hot Sauce-Louisiana's favorite condiment.

Lost Bread-stale bread, revived with egg and milk; known as "pain perdu" in French.

Muffulettas-A round sandwich of Sicilian origins, with meats, cheeses and olive salad, always served on bread from Leidenheimer Baking Co.


Olive Earl-the oil of olives.

Po-Boys-The ultimate New Orleans sandwich, deliriously sloppy and always served on bread from Leidenheimer Baking Co.

Red Drink-soda pop utilizing red dye.

Zinc-The part of the kitchen where one "wrenches" the hands.


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